Monday, 24 May 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

Getting ready today for our trip tomorrow to sunny Las Vegas. We are travelling via New York, so hope we are on the correct side of the plane to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty! We so need a rest - and a time away from the phone and packing orders.  I am not a gambler - in fact I get bored so quickly...I don't know how people sit there for hours on end playing slot machines - all day and all night some of them. We are intending to do some travelling out from Las Vegas, but not sure where to just yet. Will see how we feel. We usually travel with friends, but they can't go this time. We are SO going to miss them. We are taking a laptop with us so hope to add to the Blog while we are away!  For my English friends, hope you are enjoying this lovely weather. We booked this trip to get away from the cold damp British Spring, and look what it's done now!!!  Never mind, it might be just the same to come back to!

Bye y'all for now.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Kensington Festival report

It was great to meet Michelle and her mum at the show - they are really good customers, and I have written their address on parcels many times!! 

Back home now and shattered after 4 hard days at the festival. Thursday we travelled down from Yorkshire and in the evening went to the Town Hall and set up most of Bob's stand. Nikki arrived a little while after us with masses of stuff to fit on her 3 foot stand. When we saw how well it looked she'd finished  it we were amazed. As we looked at all the treasures she had made we just knew she'd have a fabulous fair.We helped with bits of advice where we could and tried to calm her when we saw panic starting. There's nothing like  'In at the deep end' by doing Kensington - one of the worlds largest dolls house shows -  for a first show!!! Friday we went into London very early to beat the dreaded congestion charge, then off to the Hall again to finish set up.  Once we were ready I began my much enjoyed walkabout. I  am always looking for new things to offer on my website. This time I bought lots of wonderful real silver miniatures. Just a selection shown below.

I am so pleased with these. The photos  don't really do them justice. Not a set, just shown on the tray are a delightful cake basket and detailed ewer/jug.

A customer has been wanting a nice champagne bottle for ages. I found this one for her. I know she'll be happy with it. She already has fabulous champagne glasses so this will complete her set.

I have known and bought from Angela and Laurence St Leger  for over 20 years and love their detailed work. Here are some of the items I got from them this weekend.  Long handled Tilt  dustpan and brush and fabulous brass pan and brush. And look at the tiny tortoiseshell (substitute) hall brushes on brass stand. Exquisite!!


I am a real enthusiast of miniature shops and have   xxxxxxx of them in my collection (daren't tell you the number!). So it follows that the shop accessory section on my site will be one of the biggest.
Even so I had  to have more new ones at the weekend didn't I!!??


Will be getting all the new items on line as soon as possible.

And finally........did I find any wedding cakes (as in previous posts). the hunt continues!!!!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Kensington Dolls House Festival

I am sure many of you know that my husband Bob also has a miniatures business. Thought I'd just mention that I will be at the Kensington Dolls House Festival next weekend with him on his Country Contrast stand. For a number of reasons, we don't take both businesses to the fair.  However I'd love to say hello to anyone I've been in touch with but never met!  Do stop by if you will be there.  I will also be hoping to find some time for buying new stock for my site, and perhaps locate some traditional wedding cakes as in my previous post. The lack of replies to that  confirms what I have found - there aren't many around. Hard to believe. Will try to get some pictures  for you. For anyone who is visiting the show, have a safe journey to London.
Doreen xx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Can anybody help?

I have been trying to source for resale on my site  nice quality tiered traditional wedding cakes with pillars between the tiers. There are so many modern wedding cakes out there, but I can't find nicer quality vintage style ones.  Can anyone suggest/recommend anyone to try please?  Bob, my husband is a food maker, but won't try anything like this!! Any help appreciated...